Chapter Resources

Chapter Resources

Chapter 1

The Need for Community Planning

Chapter 2

The Role of Planners

Chapter 3

The Beginning of Today’s Cities

Chapter 4

19th Century Foundation of Canadian Communities

Chapter 5

Pioneering Community Planning in Canada,

Chapter 6

The Growth of Canadian Community Planning, 1945-2016

Chapter 7

The Community Plan-Making Process

Chapter 8

Regional and Metropolitan Planning

Chapter 9

The Urban Community Plan

Chapter 10

Planning for Small Towns in Rural and Northern Regions

Chapter 11

Planning for Special Places: Neighbourhood and District Plans

Chapter 12

Planning Infrastructure Systems to Connect Communities

Chapter 13

Planning for Diverse and Healthy Communities

Chapter 14

Deciding Upon the Community’s Plan

Chapter 15

The Texture of Participation in Community Planning

Chapter 16

Land Use Regulation Tools for Plan Implementation

Chapter 17

Policy Tools for Plan Implementation

Chapter 18

Epilogue: Community Planning in Canada and the Future